Great Southern Tailgate Cookoff Designs


For three years I designed all aspects of branding for the, K.C.B.S. sanctioned, Great Southern Tailgate Cookoff. In January of each year I began work on the base “pig” design. From there I designed all media for the event including the Logo, Posters(shown below) Street Banners, Stage Banners, Lamp Post Banners,¬†Event Programs, Web Banners, Magazine Ads, Newspaper Ads, Panel Cards, Brochures, Lapel Pins and Merchandise.

I also set up, installed and monitored the live webcam for the event each year(photo above). I worked this aspect of the project every year in conjunction with the guys from Tech Amelia. I would also work during the event itself monitoring the Wi-Fi, network, live streams, etc… If you look close in the center of the photo above, the man in the blue shirt is matking a photo of myself through the webcam with my iPad. Pretty cool…

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